Collaborations with Smiley & Friends aka 008 & 009

This is a track called 'Hide And Seek' taken from Smiley & Friends latest album called 'Friends in Far Out Places.'  It's a 'James Bond Tribute Theme Song' ~ At the time, the new Bond movie was going to be called 'The Devil May Care,' but that was later replaced with 'Spectre.' The rest is history. Hence the 'middle eight' which I wrote, alluding to that theme as follows:

The devil may care if I live or let die, if I fall from the sky, or if I win or lose (the devil may care)

The devil may care if I say an eye for an eye, if I say a tooth for a tooth or if I say peace for a truce

The devil may care, The devil may care

Music & Lyrics by Smiley Barnard, Graham Turner, Bernie Armstrong. You can download this track from iTunes or Amazon as well as listen to it on Spotify.
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