Our Story

Bernie Armstrong is a seasoned song-writer and has been writing songs since the age of thirteen when his uncle bought him his first guitar for his birthday! Having learned the piano from age six, he already had the foundations on which to build his music skills and is self-taught on the guitar.  BA is based near Gatwick Airport in the south of the United Kingdom.  He is currently writing and recording songs in a style that has many influences ranging from rock and pop to gospel and soul with the occasional hint of jazz -  piano based ballads are a speciality.  Bernie has a unique style of combining scripture verses with contemporary music that evokes emotion and a spiritual response.  All of these songs are borne out of personal times of worship and reflection, bringing a fresh revelation of the Bible verses contained within them.

The new material that is currently being recorded is perhaps the most intimate worship he has recorded to date. An example of this can be heard in the latest release entitled The Wedding Song - Love Never Fails, based on 1 Corinthians 13.  Visit the website music / store pages for further details of how to download and purchase this track. You can see the video for this track on you tube by clicking on the following link - The Wedding Song - Love Never Fails


  • Alan Mullery - England Footballer (midfielder) & QPR Football Manager - "You should never stop leading and playing worship songs"
  • Sir Cliff Richard - "Good luck with the recording session"
  • Paul Carrack - "Thanks for the CD - we'll give it a spin"
  • George Hamilton IV - "Keep on pickin' and grinnin'!" (pickin' as in the musical term, lest you be confused!)
  • Larry Norman ('the late great') - "Hi, I'm Larry Norman, pleased to meet you" (me - yes I know, I'm a huge fan and I've got all your albums..... no I didn't say that to him, but I did think it inside my head at the time!)
  • Randy Stonehill - "Where are we? We're in Chichester? It sounds like an American word for sneezing! You do have some great place names here!"  (support gig for RS during his UK tour)
  • Deniece Williams - "Let's hear it for the boy" - no she actually said "great sound guys - cool music"  (support gig called 'Royal Gospel Gala', at the Royal Albert Hall, London)
  • Francis Jocky - People will never believe we recorded so many songs in so little time! www.francisjocky.com
  • Tom Robinson - Can you give me a lift to the motorway? (me - Which one - M2468?)


Bernie Armstrong is an industry veteran spanning four decades in Christian music. Bernie was a founder member of New Beginnings, an evangelistic Christian band that started out in 1977 and were full-time from 1980 to 1986. New Beginnings performed at the Royal Albert Hall on several occasions, as well as appearing on BBC1’s Rock Gospel Show hosted by Sheila Walsh and Alvin Stardust in 1984 and 1985. NB’s toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and also Australia ministering in schools, prisons, Christian conferences and crusades.  BA joined a rock band called One Nation as a backing vocalist from 1986-88 working alongside Kipper who later became Sting's producer on Brand New Day and Sacred Love. Since then, Bernie has been writing ministry songs, music to Psalms, etc in a Christian Rock / Ballad type genre.  A self-published album was released in 2005 entitled 'The Face of Christ' which is available now on Little Acorns Records / Bernie Armstrong Music www.berniearmstrongmusic.com in CD or digital download format.  BA has been featured on Revelation TV performing 'Fruit of the Spirit' from the CD 'The Face of Christ.' 

Bernie has also recorded at the prestigious Abbey Road studios in London on various projects, for Kingsway Records (Change of Heart 1981; Masks 1982) and Word Records (New Beginnings 1983) in the '80's under the name New Beginnings and in the 90's as the duo Bernie & Sharon Armstrong. 

Bernie is married to Elaine and between them, they have six children and two grand-daughters and they live near Horsham in West Sussex.

You can contact Bernie Armstrong Music on this website for further opportunities, recordings, downloadable merchandise and more!  Make sure you sign up for the Bernie Armstrong Music mailing list to be among the first to hear of new releases and downloads!

Half A Heart ~ New Beginnings BBC1 Rock Gospel Show 1984

Eye Contact ~ New Beginnings aka CHO BBC1 Rock Gospel Show 1985